We Build Custom Mobile Applications that Help Support Your Business Goals

As per statistics, an average mobile user spends nearly 2-3 hours on his or her mobile or tablet device. This means that if you have a good app on the store, you have a fair chance that users might give it a try. One of the biggest benefits of mobile app is that there is so much of information it can provide to its users, and all that is right at their fingertips.

It is so wrong for small business owners to think that mobile apps are solely for big names and brands like Amazon, Facebook, Bank of Canada and so on. In fact, there are a large number of small and medium sized business owners who already have or are building their own mobile apps. If you notice, there are so many small business apps that we are using in our everyday life to interact with so many people.  Nowadays, even small business owners have their own dedicated mobile apps. This is because they have realized the need to have a mobile app for their businesses thus taking their marketing strategy to a whole new level.

We provide the following Mobile Application Development Services:

iOS Apps

Appearls specializes in designing and developing high-quality iOS applications. iOS and Android application development are our two core competencies, making up almost half of our projects. Our aim is to keep up with the ever growing demand and challenges of the mobile app market. When developing mobile apps, our team is always focused on design, usability, functionality and execution.

Our expert team has delivered many successful apps for the iOS Platform, that has not only given the respective businesses a competitive edge in their industry but has also helped them grow incredibly. If you are looking for a credible iOS Development Company to start with your idea, then you’ve surely come to the right place. We listen to your needs and our team works day and night to turn your dream idea into reality. Our native iOS Development Services provide developers to leverage our iterative, agile process that ensures that we deliver high quality apps every time. Since our prime focus is to build state-of-the-art mobile apps, therefore we work with the best Designers and Developers well-tuned for the Android platform.


Android Apps

Appearls has strong expertise in the Android application development. We specialize in developing top-notch Android applications for smartphones and tablets. As high tech App developers, our aim is to deliver high quality apps. Our highly functional Android applications comprise of a range of features that equip you with the proficiency to rise past the challenges with flair. We focus on making Android apps that are innovative, game changers, functional, beautiful and above all – useful. Taking maximum potential out of the Android SDK platform, our developers utilize the Android development tools to explore unlimited product development possibilities.

We develop custom Android mobile applications according to your unique needs and requirements. Whether you are a start-up or an established company- we can help you extend your web or enterprise based applications to an Android platform. Our dedicated team of designers and UI experts will work with you to ensure the apps are designed to be intuitive and beautiful.


Hybrid Apps

A hybrid application is a perfect combination of distinct elements, technologies and approaches, which leverages on both web and native mobile technologies. Our expertise in mobile application development is endowed by our technically savvy and experienced development team. Having significant strength of professionals, we guarantee 100% customized hybrid mobile applications that work efficiently across multiples devices. This helps clients reach a wide range of audience in the quickest possible time. Our programmers possess enough expertise in CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript & leading technology to create exclusively powerful yet innovative applications providing an excellent user experience.



We make custom Game Applications for Diverse Categories

Appearls takes pride in being regarded as having one of the most experienced game apps developers in the app development industry. Our game development team creates unique games that are highly interactive, user friendly and addictive. We build award-winning game apps for all major platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook etc.


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