All those developers and companies who are planning to build an iOS application, face some challenges when it comes to choosing a programming language. Choosing the right language is pivotal as it can play a prominent role in deciding the fate of the whole project.

As we know that the Swift language is relatively newer and it will take a while before it fully matures; yet there are details to review and explore. You need to fully discover the language before you can use it to the maximum potential. Exploring a new language is always fun and exciting, as there are specifics of every language that bring the best out of it.
There have been quite a few misconceptions about Swift, since it has been launched. It is often heard that Swift is a hard language to learn and adopt as compared to the existing languages. Secondly, Swift is not a mature language and it has been very poorly developed. The third misconception that we often hear is that Swift is less popular and has a very small community. In this article, I will be highlighting the advantages of mastering Swift and will expose the shadows of negativity with regards to the language, which have been looming large over our heads.

Advantages of Adopting Swift


Since, Swift for iOS app development is relatively a newer programming language, therefore it will require some time before developers actually get familiar with it. If we recall, just a couple of years ago Objective-C was the most popular language for iOS development but times have changed now. Recently, Swift has gained a credible amount of popularity and has managed to seek attention of the developers as well as IT companies.

The best part of the language is that, it is designed to make app development more exciting and interactive. This also indicates that in near future app developing will be more accessible for those who are planning to build applications on their own.

Undoubtedly, Swift is the future of iOS App development. Swift language is highly innovative, so it’s advisable that you start learning the cores of the language so that it can be utilized to its maximum potential. It is always good to learn about something well known, but its way more exciting to learn about something which is undergoing the process of improvement.

Simple Code

From the developers’ point of view, the best part of the Swift Language is that they do not need to write lengthy sources code. This is certainly a significant next level improvement from the programming languages viewpoint, as the length of the code has been narrowed down considerably for building all sorts of applications. The developers now spend lesser time in writing codes, which certainly improves efficiency as they now have more time concentrating on the quality of the application. Another major breakthrough in Swift is that you can now actually use Emojis in your code, which I feel is quite wonderful.

Quick and Powerful

Swift syntax is developed to assist developers in correcting some typical types of programming mistakes. With the help of Swift, you are able to eliminate unsafe codes and the reason being fairly simple that is Swift Syntax is precise and simple thus identifying and correcting mistakes is relatively easier. Another plus in the Swift language is that it automatically manages the memory.

Mature Language

It is not necessary that if something new is introduced, it’s not fully mature but there is a strong possibility that it is more mature and research oriented as compared to its predecessors. That is exactly the case with Swift, since Swift is a blend of the previous programming languages, therefore, it makes the developing process more robust and Swift syntax more precise. Swift, has combined all the strong features from other languages, and has amalgamated them into one.

Room for Improvement

Since, Swift is fairly new, therefore, there is a lot of room for improvement. Swift has this element of surprise in it. New features are being introduced regularly which is very promising from the development point of view. We can expect to see some great features very soon as the developers are continuously working on improving the overall development experience.


With so many attributes under its belt, Swift is gaining popularity with every passing day. The hoaxes about the language’s limited popularity have all been groundless. Swift is gaining momentum among development companies as well as among freelancers and orthodox developers. Swift is certainly recommended for iOS projects, so if you are planning to build a fresh app from the scratch, then you should surely give it a try. Also, since there is a possibility to switch from Objective-C to Swift in projects, therefore more and more developers are adopting the language fast.